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How We Do It.

Our Seven Step Discovery Process engages our minds to establish and practice thought and action patterns that create a peaceful and positive internal environment, which constantly improves the world we live in.

In our world today, the greatest challenge for all mankind is effective engagement. Almost a third of the world’s population suffers from mild-to-severe psychological challenges and life-threatening addictions. The accelerated use and pace of communications via smart phones and social media is causing what The World Health Organization calls the greatest challenge the world has ever faced: global depression and anxiety due to increasing content irrelevancy and increasing lack of meaningful engagement.

Although traditional psychological and religious gatherings, as well as multi-step recovery programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous have helped millions of people, there are missing engagement elements that need to be put into practice. There are missing assessment tools, missing measurements, and missing group inventories that bring actionable insights into why the group participation works or not.

Us human beings cannot set out to accomplish something vague, especially when it comes to having a specific experience on the inside. Our three way mirror process opens unprecedented opportunities to engage billions who remain in the shadows, plagued by an overall shortage of inspiration, as well as personality impairment / isolation, and even addictions.

We play the 7 Step Discovery Process and engage in the HeartFlow meetings to experience a complete healing and transformation through conscious contact with our loving Sacred Power of Life that gives all life and consciousness.

The purpose is the next-generation of group interaction meetings with an equally important focus on online meetings to support millions of people who will not go into a group meeting in person, but will attend an online meeting where they have anonymity if they wish.

What We Benefit from Participating.

All our internal challenges can be overcome and our unwanted thoughts and feelings are brought into light through our unique three-way mirror: 1. Learning to focus inside which both reveals our thought patterns as well as provides a distance from our thought maker. 2. Participation in group sharing which reveals things about ourselves we could never discover alone. 3. Seeing the reflection of these discoveries through placing the nine principles into excellent action. Our group interaction is laser-focused on identifying the resolution to our challenges (whatever they may appear to be). As we learn to concentrate and focus where we naturally become increasingly conscious of the power of life flowing from the source of our breath, dynamic simplicity percolates to the surface and melts away unseen complex confusion.

Our identity as unique human beings are created and defined through interaction with others. We need to be conscientious regarding who we interact with, so we can know what the impact is. We need to be conscientious what we verbally express to ourselves on the inside and to others on the outside. We all need effective group interaction that is founded on the evolving ability to focus, regular group interaction that has clearly defined purpose and meaning, and putting our realizations and principles into meaningful and “intentful” action.

Why is HeartFLow Different.

We release our will and our life over to the care of our Loving Source of Life through practical action and not just words. We experience a psychic shift to comfort and ease on the inside. Our emotional and perceptual patterns come to light and we experience evolving emotional temperance; and increasing flexibility and simplicity in our perception. Being fully conscious in the moment, we experience instant widespread resolution of our challenges. We experience unlimited expansion of positive thoughts, feelings, and proficiency in action. Our personality trait weaknesses vanish working with others and we feel whole.

HeartFlow is based on real and honest internal growth that we ourselves are responsible to acknowledge and share with each other, which then brings increasing automatic accountability to ourselves and the group with whom we seek meaningful engagement. A support group that has no means of measurement or identifiable benchmarks can breed psychic loafers and leeches, and those drowning in the quicksand of trying to maintain the status quo. Us human beings are designed from scratch to evolve and grow; otherwise we go extinct.


The Commodity of Inspiration ™




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