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The Mr. Malibu Foundation

The purpose of the Mr. Malibu Foundation is to raise awareness and communications products for positive impact on the environment- both internal and external.  “The internal environment of fear, doubt, and confusion ultimately reflect in the outer environment of our bodies and the ecosystem in which we live” says Mr. Malibu.  Ultimately all pollution on the outside come from some form of inner pollution.  A main goal of our plan is to engage environmental polluters for genuine transparency and insist on urgent large scale investment to identify clean energy solutions on an emergency basis.

Who is Mr. Malibu

Mr. Malibu personifies the world famous Malibu lifestyle and intrigue that originated from the birth of the film industry in the early 1900’s and continues to evolve today in its global influence.  Mr. Malibu has a lifetime of experience in meditation, affirmations, and transformative psychology. His influencer interviews are deep and powerful; playful and thought provoking.  Mr. Malibu personifies passion, magnetism, charisma, and brilliance. He sees pollution and world problems on the outside are a reflection of what is happening within us.

The beautiful Malibu environment of surf, sand, and its exciting places is often the location of global news about world famous icons and extreme weather events. Riding the waves of this global influence, Mr. Malibu brings content that is centered on human dynamics­–the power of thought and inspiration. Mr. Malibu raises awareness through events, videos, press releases, and famous interviews to build together a sustainable earth in caring for the well being of all people and all wildlife.

Mr. Malibu is a positive catalytic disruptor.