The Mr. Malibu Foundation

The purpose of the Mr. Malibu Foundation is to raise awareness and communications products for positive impact on the environment- both internal and external.  “The internal environment of fear, doubt, and confusion ultimately reflect in the outer environment of our bodies and the ecosystem in which we live” says Mr. Malibu.  Ultimately all pollution on the outside come from some form of inner pollution.  A main goal of our plan is to engage environmental polluters for genuine transparency and insist on urgent large scale investment to identify clean energy solutions on an emergency basis.

Who is Mr. Malibu

Mr. Malibu is Cary ONeal. Growing up in the world famous Malibu Colony and surrounded by globally influential people, Cary is blessed with a near photographic memory. He excelled in Psychology and Philosophy with a minor in Latin and Greek as an honor student at Loyola University. He experienced firsthand how numerous super wealthy and super famous people have been depressed and even suicidal. He lived a spiritual life in an ashram for ten years and practiced meditation two hours a day for over thirty years. He has reached over 100 million viewers through his media productions and has been recommended to guide think tank sessions at such institutions as the Rand Corporation. He has studied advanced psychology paradigms for over three decades, and from 2013 through 2017, conducted in depth research into the psychology of social currency in a social media environment for the person who owns the patent that allowed the creation of iTunes. During that same period, he attended over 1,000 AA meetings though he already had 22 years’ sobriety. The experience and exposure to the meetings and social media led to a breakthrough realization that led to filing a patent on an advanced personality development system titled PsyberCeuticals (c) 2019 All Rights Reserved and an advanced group engagement format titled HeartAscent.

Mr. Malibu is a positive catalytic disruptor.